Volta Region NDC on the spillage of Akosombo Dam by VRA


12 October 2023

The Volta Regional National Democratic Congress has noted with deep worry, the devastations to lives, and properties in a total of one hundred and one communities in five constituencies, along the Volta Lake due to the uncontrolled spillage of the Dam by the Volta River Authority (VRA). As a result, we are concerned about the implications on health, livelihoods, and sustenance of the lives of the affected people.

Minute after minute, the devastations are expanding as the spillage continues, and we find it necessary as a party in the Region to call the attention of the Authority and government to intervene.

As a party, we call on the Volta River Authority to as a matter of urgency stop the spillage with immediate effect until adequate safety measures are put in place before any further spillage.

We are not oblivious to the need to safeguard the Dam due to excess water. But, what we have seen this year before the spillage is unacceptable.

In the past, VRA took the opportunity to engage in proper stakeholder engagements and sensitization of communities along the banks of the Volta Lake.

This year, little of this has been done, leaving the people in shock when they began experiencing floods in their homes.

While this is ongoing, we have noted the low interest of the central government in coming to the aid of the affected residents. We want to use this opportunity to call on the central Government to, as a matter of urgency help meet the emergency needs of the affected communities as the damages caused are beyond individual support.

The spillage has resulted in power cuts in affected communities. The Adidome Hospital has been affected by the power cut, leaving individuals in need of medical care in severe danger. The resultant floods have affected access to communities as roads have been cut off leaving commuters stranded with others resorting to the use of boats and canoes which further endangers their lives.

Our checks have shown that the following communities have been affected by the spillage:

(a). Communities in the Central Tongu District:
1. Tsetsekpo
2. Siamekome
3. Awadiwoekome
4. Ameamekor
5. Ganakpoetorkor
6. Zortikpo
7. Dugame
8. Old Bakpa
9. Bekpo
10. Kebegodo
11. Afokope
12. Agbotekakope
13. Kebenu
14. Atsemkope
15. Akpokope
16. Dokpo
17. Dove
18. Ahokope
19. Atitekpo
20. Aklamador
21. Gbadakope
22. Dentenu
23. Dorgbadzikope
24. Tuvorkope
25. Akorkorlipe
26. Vugodzi
27. Taykope
28. Ahokope
29. Gbolofor
30. Akuwakpoe

(b). Communities in the South Tongu District
1. Vume
2. Tademe
3. Tefle
4. Sokpoe
5. Sokpoe-Tordome
6. Anaosukope
7. Fievie
8. Fievie-Adidokpoe
9. Xorlortsukope
10. Adoafianyakope
11. Sogakope
12. Gbenorkope
13. Detsawome
14. Agordomi
15. Yorve
16. Agorta
17. Kpontey
18. Nutekpor
19. Dalive
20. Tuanikope
21. Amedormekope
22. Gamenu-Adidokpoe

(c). Communities in the North Tongu District
1. Gblornu
2. Klamadaboe
3. Vome
4. Sikor
5. Dzimakorpe
6. Memordzi
7. Aveyime
8. Battor
9. Mepe
10. Tornu Dorfor
11. Asimekope
12. Dorfor Kome
13. Dorfor London
14. Afaode
15. Korsive
16. Sayikorfe
17. Husikorfe
18. Titikorfe
19. Kodome
20. Tege love
21. Kwamla love
22. Abortia Sapa
23. Torgorme

(d). Communities in the Keta District including the Keta township
1. Kedzikope
2. Abutiakope
3. Vui
4. Seva
5. Atiavi
6. Mamime
7. Hagodzi
8. Agorvinu
9. Sonugbe
10. Wenyagor

(e) Communities affected in Anlo

1. Sakome
2. Agorbledokui
3. Bleamezado
4. Trekume
5. Dosukorpe
6. Nyikutor
7. Suipe
8. Azanu
9. Nyakpatsi
10. Benadzi
11. Penyito
12. Kpordui
13. Klomikpota
14. Fiaxor
15. Atito
16. Genui

We provide this list, even though not exhaustive considering the expanded coverage of the flood, to make it easily identifiable for governmental intervention in this regard.

Any further delay in extending help to victims of these communities would spell danger for their very survival in this time of difficulty. As a party, we want to express our deepest solidarity with the affected persons in these communities, while we hope for immediate intervention to curb any further devastation of lives and properties.

Signed: James GUNU
Regional Secretary, Volta NDC