World Ocean Day: CIMAG calls for the ocean’s protection for a sustainable blue economy


13 June 2024

The Centre for International Maritime Affairs, Ghana (CIMAG) has joined the global community in celebrating World Ocean Day, highlighting the urgent need for ocean action to ensure the health of our oceans.

“As we commemorate this day, CIMAG emphasizes the importance of combating pollution to maximize the benefits of the Blue Economy.

“The ocean is a blessing, not a curse," said Albert Derrick Fiatui, Executive Director of CIMAG. "We must act now to protect our oceans from pollution, coastal erosion, and tidal wave destruction. A healthy ocean is crucial for a sustainable Blue Economy, which can drive economic growth, provide livelihoods, and support food security."

CIMAG called on governments, industries, and individuals to take immediate action to reduce plastic pollution and marine litter, implement sustainable fishing practices, protect marine habitats and biodiversity, support ocean-based renewable energy, and promote education and research for ocean conservation.

"Let us work together to safeguard our ocean's future," added Fiatui. "We owe it to ourselves, our children, and future generations to ensure the ocean continues to provide for us without compromising its health."

CIMAG called on all stakeholders to join in this critical mission to protect the ocean and unlock the full potential of the Blue Economy.